Lord Of The Rings Online: New Series: Ask Turbine

| 16 Jan 2007 20:39

Want to know about Lord of the Rings Online? Every week, the developers of that game are going to answer five community questions exclusively on Lord of the Rings Online WarCry.

Today, we open the doors for these questions. Post your questions for Turbine in the comment thread linked below and we'll get started!

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LotRO came out of the box with roleplay elements already built in. What further RP elements are being developed for the future?

With the Shores of Evendim coming shortly, can you tell us a bit more about the next update which includes Monster Play? Will there be a new area to PvMP in? And what about the Trolls we are hearing about?

In a recent dev chat it was said that Fishing will not be added? Can you tell us why as this has been a highly requested feature?

What cool features can you tell us about the upcoming content update in June?

With DDO you waited for some time before having the public test server, what was the reasoning for launching it soon with LOTRO? Also there has been quite a bit of discussion about if you are a member of Isengard, how does it affect those players?

Whats next? Can we expect to see housing soon?

The spawn rate for rare creatures required for crafting the One use recipes is extremely low, with people camping these for hours if not days for 1 kill. Is Turbine planning on changing the spawn rate so that this bottle neck is removed. Under the current system the end item is useless to the crafter (if they are planning on using it) within 3 levels.

Turbine has always stated that they are behind and support fansites, but with the recent addition of the Lorebook and the amount of data how are fansites supposed to compete?

When you do your weekly q&a can you find out if they have any plans for raising the kinship cap of 1000 members? Several guilds have reached this cap.

This is being discussed in another thread, but worth asking Turbine about.

Is there support for game controllers, specifically the Xbox 360?

Hi I was just wondering how people will be able to pay for the founders subscription fee, without a credit card. Normally you would buy a gamecard for 60 days at 30 bucks, but how will you be able to with a reduced price.

What is /will be Turbine's plans for any gold farming that may happen in Lotro? I don't think it's very easy to do, myself, but there are some concerns that people will create characters for the sole purpose of creating virtual money to sell for real money.

What are your plans about the Logitech G15? First it was supported now we are hearing that using the features for songs can get you banned.

The community is in an uproar about recent announcements about the IP Block. What is the logic behind dividing the community and forcing players to specific servers? Will you consider the communities plea to reverse this decision?

If you preorder you get to pay a lower monthly fee than those who dont. I cant recall any MMO ever doing this before. Usually you get a little trinket or cool looking item, but a lower monthly fee hasnt been done before. Could you explain your thinking behind it? Wont those who dont follow games before release be quite upset they are paying more than those who preorder?

Any plans on changing the world from time to time to give it more of a live feel. Such as an Orc attack on Bree this month, Trolls attacking a town next month? Moving the attacks around from time to time?

End game content usually revolves around raids. What is there to do at end game solo, or small group wise, when you dont have the 8 hours to devote to a raid?

Is there any plan to allow PvP earlier than lvl 40? Perhaps an area for lower level people who want to play around a bit with monster play?

This might have been answered, but with the level cap of 15 in place for open beta and the level cap of 40 for entrance as a player to Etteenmors, doesn't that sort of keep things one sided in PvMP?

Are there plans to add more recipes from drops and more than one use quests? As a Cook I want to learn how to make more yummy stuff for the hobbits.

Codemasters has given us a preview of the LOTRO Special Edition box, what's inside it? :)

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