Star Wars Galaxies: Unfair Marketing?

| 31 Dec 1969 19:00

Board member Mezzie asked a few questions on european release date and how they can play at release. Shug Ninx dropped by and answered a bunch of his questions.

Below, I answered what I'm at liberty to disclose at this point.
1) Will Europeans be able to pay and play SWG, if they are able to get their hold of the game?


2) Thinking of the European BETA testers - who already have the client. This of course being a Beta client - but with all the patches, it should be the exact same as the original. So will BETA testers be able to download patches and then just pay like normal? (With of course having to pay!)

No. Anyone who wants to play needs to buy the box.

3) Which payments methods are there? (Visa will probably be said - and Visa is world-wide)

At release, any major credit card.

4) Can an estimated European release be given? The retailers say 6months - I find that way to long.

We'll be working very hard to ensure that the North American release is stable. As soon as we're comfortable with that, we'll begin the planning for release into other territories and will generate some dates.

7) What is the age Rating for this game? (I presume Teen - but can someone please verify my guess)


8) Why wont(Haven't) SWG be(Been) released world-wide?

We are very focused on ensuring the best possible experience for all players as they enter the game. In order to do this, we decided on a limited release. We can focus on dealing with any potential problems on the North American servers and iron out any remaining kinks in our process and the game before rolling it out worldwide.

Haden Blackman
LucasArts Producer

Don't fret europeans, the dev's haven't forgot about you! Click here to read the full post!

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