World of Darkness MMORPG details emerge

| 10 Feb 2007 17:34

At last years EVE Fanfest, it was announced that CCP had merged with White Wolf. The big question was "How soon until World of Darkness Online?". Looks like that has been answered in a report from an Icelandic website, written in Icelandic! Here's a rough translation of the story posted there:

The Icelandic game developer CCP will be developing a new massively multiplayer online computer game called World of Darkness. The game will be developed along with White Wolf, the board game company CCP merged with last year.

The setting of the game will be World of Darkness, a world inhabited by vampires and werewolves. White Wolf created said world and has written stories and books that take place there.

Halldór Fannar Guđjónsson, one of CCP's programmers, couldn't give any more details on the game, but said its development will begin in the next few months.

CCP owns an operates the Icelandic massively multiplayer online game EVE Online which currently has over 180.000 subscribers.

Here are some more details including staffing numbers on the project:

It's development will take at least four years, and it will be jointly created in Reykjavík and Atlanta, where While Wolf's HQ is.

Also, here are CCP employee numbers, for those interested:

27 - Programmers
14 - QA department
10 - Graphics department
26 - Game design
29 - Game masters

Total 81 in development positions

169 total staff, counting people in China and the US. In Iceland there are around 120.

Looks like I just penciled in my "Play this for sure 4 years from now" MMO.

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