Stargate Worlds: Cheyenne Mountain Stops by for a Visit

| 2 Mar 2007 18:56

Hello, all I have some great news. We over at the Stargate Worlds on WarCry, have some special guests that have been stopping by to lend their help and support for the site.

I would like to introduce:
Scepter, the Community Manager for Stargate Worlds.
Bunter, Community Assistant for Stargate Worlds.

If you have any questions these guys and the staff of SGW WarCry will try to get answers to any questions that you may have.

This is really exciting for us here to have these guys available. All you need to do to be is to post your question in the "Ask Cheyenne Mountain" forum and the Community guys will get you a answer or the staff of WarCry will.

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