The Scribe Releases Birthday Celebration Details

| 25 Apr 2007 04:00

This week's issue of The Scribe details some of the excitement surrounding the second birthday of Guild Wars.

The release of this information has prompted an impromptu celebration with a particularly sweet reward, although this intrepid inscriber of international information cannot help thinking that the merchants in Cantha may have latched onto this spurious astrological information for their own monetary gain. In any event, an exciting celebration has been planned, which should entice tourists to descend upon Shing Jea Monastery this weekend. Once there, celebrants will not be disappointed, as the ever-popular Shing Jea Boardwalk will reopen, along with Rollerbeetle Racing and the Dragon Arena.

Also in the Random Acts of Kindness department:

Within the ruins of Ascalon, Asher Cerberus and Lanore Faythorn offered aid to any party in need. While visiting the capital of this devastated kingdom, I saw Orim Eldersdragon and Talon Exavier share their knowledge and advice to those newly recruited in the fight against the Charr. Perhaps with the strength and leadership of heroes such as these, Ascalon can one day return to its former glory.

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