Fury: Creation Myth Part 6: Age of Peace

| 15 May 2007 03:03

The Age of Peace is the sixth installment of a seven part creation myth behind the world of Fury. A new installment is released each monday.

For hundreds of years, the Altaians clung to life in the Sanctuaries. They forgot their knowledge of war and re-discovered the worship of the true Gods. Magical combat was totally outlawed in the Sanctuaries, as destructive magic could cause the Sanctuary wards to fail and so the knowledge of this magic was also lost.

Portals were constructed between every Sanctuary and by trading and co-operating, the people managed to survive. By the time a millennium had passed, the Altaians had become a new race, calling themselves the Sorelans.

Get the full backstory at the Fury story page.

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