Everquest 2: Problems with Update 36

| 29 Jun 2007 11:49

Due to some unforeseen issues with the release of Game Update 36, a few of the items listed in the original patch notes were either not released with the Update or removed from the game shortly after release.

Per SOE:

New Raid Zone: Throne of New Tunaria

Per Grimwell:
The Throne of New Tunaria (Thex) was pulled from the update due to some bugs discovered at the last minute. People are crushing the bugs (and validating, etc.) right now and as soon as we can have it in the game, we will. (NOT A PROMISE) Hopefully before the weekend so y'all can get to raiding! (NOT A PROMISE)

Achievement Respec Item

Per Grimwell:
...[I]n the first iteration of the notes posted on the launcher, it was noted that you can /claim an item that will give you five free KoS AA resets. Something went wrong and that item isn't there for you (yet). So I have to be able to get the word out on that for the people who have already read that note and are wondering what's wrong, and then make sure it's removed from all the notes until it gets hotfixed into the game (which if fortune favors us, will happen before we have our weekend).

Tradeskill Reset

Per DominoDev:
Due to a um ... undocumented feature? with the tradeskill respec NPCs that was cleverly discovered by Breanut and others when GU36 went live, they are going to be taking a short vacation while they learn how to fill out their paperwork properly. ... The tradeskill respec folks are being sent off on holiday as I type this, and will return most likely on Tuesday next week with their paperwork back in order.

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