Tabula Rasa: Interview: Tabula Rasa Art Interview @ RPGVault

| 14 Sep 2007 16:10

The folks at RPGVault sat down with NCSofts Victor Meinert and John Mueller to discuss the various aspects of Tabula Rasa art direction and implementation.

Jonric: In total, how many people make up the complete art team, and has the number changed during development?

Victor Meinert: The Tabula Rasa team is definitely an international effort, especially art production. We literally have teams all over the world. We've got people in Seoul, Beijing, LA, San Francisco, and of course, our core team here in Austin. John and I have gotten to see parts of the world we normally would never have seen in making Tabula Rasa. Worldwide, the total numbers fluctuate depending on what phase of production we're in. Overall, the art department averages around 40, but we've peaked near a high of 70 during this last push for launch. Our core team here in Austin is around 20 to 25 and growing.

You can check it out in it's entirety here.

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