Lord Of The Rings Online: Making Houses Into Homes

| 17 Oct 2007 22:01

Turbine has posted a new article in the Developers Corner for Lord of The Rings Online. In this article they discuss what you can expect with the new housing update.

When we sat down to design a Housing System for The Lord of the Rings OnlineTM: Shadows of AngmarTM (LOTRO), we wanted to make good on the promise made an age ago: "Now You Can Live in Middle-earth."

Houses are more than an apartment interior floating in the ether. Houses in LOTRO live in gorgeously landscaped neighborhoods, where they have yards, sit along water, or nestle under cliffs.

One size does not fit all! Players want choices about how their house looks, where they want to live, and who they want to live with, so we are offering a variety of options to fit many tastes.

Houses are decorative and beneficial. They are fun to dress up and host parties at, but they also give the owner tangible benefits.

We set out to give choices to the Men, Hobbits, Elves, and Dwarves of Middle-earth. In LOTRO Housing, you choose from...

* Four different racially-styled homesteads (landscaped areas containing many different houses). Each homestead has a distinctive architectural style and environment.
* Up to 250 instanced neighborhoods to each homestead, so you can settle down near your friends.
* Thirty different houses per neighborhood: 4 kinship houses, 10 deluxe personal houses, and 16 standard personal houses.
* Over 250 decorations to mix-and-match, including paint for walls and floors, rugs, bookshelves, welcome mats, scenic paintings, even background music!

You can be the elf who chooses to live amongst the Dwarves, but still decorate the interior of your home in the style of your homeland. Next door might live a hobbit who likes living close to Thorin's Halls for easy access to crafting forges. And a Kinship of stout Dwarves might own a great hall and host parties and recruiting events.
Who Are The Hobbits In Your Neighborhood?

Four homesteads will become available with the release of Book 11, each one in a different part of the world with a different neighborhood layout of houses, different building styles and appearances, and different natural settings. Each homestead expresses a different racial style, but don't worry-you don't have to be a hobbit to live in the Shire.

Each homestead can have multiple instances of its neighborhood, each with its own unique name. Do you want to live in Stumphollow or in Overnotch? Hookworth or Holbroke? As the initial set of neighborhoods fill up, new ones will automatically open up to meet demand.

When you purchase a home, you're getting a yard and you're buying into a Neighborhood. Do you want a house by the water? On a hill? Underground? Near that cute windmill? Nestled in a cozy little corner? By a friend's house? Next to your Kinship House? We hope you like choices!

Bree-land Homesteads


In a quiet valley south and east of Bree, the Race of Man has created a settlement of houses and stores. A waterfall feeds into a swimming hole, and a brook leads off of it, winding through the center of the neighborhood where a few merchants have set up shop.

Falathlorn Homesteads


The Elves built in Falathlorn, on the bank of the river Lune and winding upwards of sheer cliffs. Across the river from Duillond, there is a spectacular view of Split-finger in the Blue Mountains.

Shire Homesteads


Ah, the Shire! Bucolic rolling hills, windmills, and freshly furrowed farmland fill these vistas. Find your own Hobbit hole, set a chair outside, and enjoy a pipe as the sun sets. Not to worry, tall folk, you're welcome too... Just mind your head on the door!

Thorin's Halls Homesteads


You can be happy underground in the Thorin's Halls homestead. Soaring caverns, natural rock bridges, stalactites and stalagmites, and houses built on stone columns surrounded by raging underground rivers.
The Personal Touch

Man interior Once you've made a tough choice between homesteads, neighborhoods, and houses, it's time to personalize your new home.
Neighborhood Furnishers

To get started, visit the Furnisher in your neighborhood and pick up a few things to place in your house or in your yard. Pick up some paints, maybe some new flooring, a bed, a bookshelf, or a couple of other pieces of furniture.

If you want to choose background music for your home, pick up a music box and place it inside your house. I recommend the Mathom Society's music box if you're fond of Tom Bombadil's musical predilections!

You can also buy crafting recipes from the Furnisher to make more decorations for yourself or your friends. If you want more options, pay a visit to the other three homesteads; each Furnisher has a few different items and recipes that only they provide.
Unique Reputation Decorations

For the intrepid crafter, each of our Reputation Factions offers items and recipes for crafting decorations. There's no better way to corner the market on a sought-after decoration than to be one of the few crafters with enough standing to learn these special techniques.

Dwarf Interior If wildlife is more your speed, Clar Whitethorn will be offering his services as a Taxidermist. He's setting up shop in Bree not far from the bank. If you should happen to find any particularly well-preserved or intact animals, be sure to bring them to him if you'd like them stuffed and mounted for display. Visit soon -- his introductory rates may not last forever!
Residence Has Its Privileges

Say what you will about decorations and hosting house parties, some folks only care about the bottom line. I'm happy to say, housing has a few perks on that score, too.
Buy Local

When you own a home, you earn a Passive Skill which gives you a discount to purchases and repairs from the vendors in your neighborhood. What's more, if your kinship has a house in the same neighborhood, you get another discount which stacks with your personal house discount.
Go Home!

In addition to the discounts, you also receive a skill which allows you to travel instantly to your house. Kinship houses aren't left out, either-if you're in a kinship which has purchased a house, then you will receive a second skill to travel straight to your Kinship house.
Store Stuff

Every house can be outfitted with a storage chest-with bigger houses allowing you to have multiple chests. You can keep your chest secure, or you can give specific friends the right to take things out and put things in. Use it as a crafting material drop box or a "mini-fridge" for potions and food... you make the call!
Into The Future

Neighborhoods grow. Folks move in, unpack, and set down roots. They walk next door and introduce themselves; maybe they bake and bring a pie. People get together at the pub, they plan parties, go on adventures, and generally look out for each other. Your neighborhood can be like another family.

Neighborhoods grow, and so do features. We're got a number of ideas brewing to make your neighborhood better and help you and your neighbors to communicate, organize, and act together. Decorations that you can use, trophies from great achievements, public bulletin boards, collaboration on neighborhood improvements, events and parties, neighborhood chat...

It starts with choices. How will you live in Middle-earth?

You can see the article on the LOTRO site.

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