Neverwinter Nights 2: NWN 2: Ossian Studios Interview Part 2: The WarCry Edition

| 26 Oct 2007 12:30

Following up Neverwinter Vault's Part I interview with Ossian Studios, NWN 2 WarCry is proud to present Part II.

The new premium module program has been reintroduced by Atari and re-branded as the adventure pack program. Using the NWN 2 toolset, Ossian Studios, creators of the NWN 1 module Darkness Over Daggerford, has been slated to create the first NWN 2 adventure pack. Titled "NWN 2: Mysteries of Westgate," it is considered a city-based adventure with a strong slant towards role-playing. Working through The Vault's and WarCry's answers are from:

  • Alan Miranda: CEO of Ossian Studios, Producer and Co-Lead Designer on Mysteries of Westgate.
  • Luke Scull: Lead Designer on Mysteries of Westgate.
  • Larry Liberty: (Senior Producer, Atari)

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11. How many gameplay hours will the adventure pack offer and how linear will it be?

Luke Scull: The adventure pack was initially planned to be between 6-12 hours in length, but it's grown somewhat from that estimate. A bare-bones core path play-through may be achievable in about 8 hours, but to complete most of the sidequests and explore the module thoroughly could take 15 hours or more. After that, players will want to play the game again with a different character, enjoying a completely different path through the story - and perhaps a different ending. So, to answer the question of how linear it is: it's about as non-linear as it can be while still delivering a top-drawer and well-paced story. We expect players to be replaying the game and discovering new things for months to come.

Alan Miranda: One of the things we did well on Daggerford, and that we wanted to replicate with Westgate, was to develop many intriguing sidequests for players to come across. Having approximately 7+ hours of optional, non-linear adventures goes a long way in making the world feel like a busy place.

12. Can the adventure pack be played via multiplayer or with a DM?

Alan Miranda: We focused on making Mysteries of Westgate a high quality single-player game only, so there are no plans to make it multiplayer or playable with a DM.

13. What custom content will be included?

Alan Miranda: There is definitely new custom content featured in the game, including new creatures, new placeables, a new tileset, new music, new SFX, and new VO.

14. Will any of the custom content be available to the modding community to use in their modules?

Larry Liberty: Yes, making new content available to the modding community is central to the Adventure Pack program. It represents another avenue for Atari to seed the community with high quality content (beyond expansion packs).

15. Will Ossian include custom sound, music and voice acting in Mysteries of Westgate?

Alan Miranda: Audio is very important to help set the right ambience in a game, so we decided from the start that we would create new custom audio for MoW. We have new music tracks composed by David John (the NWN1 premium mod composer), which we meticulously developed over several months. The title track in particular imparts a unique foreign flavour while retaining a familiar sense of traditional high-fantasy. We've also recorded over 12,000 words of new VO for our main characters and companions, as well as created a number of new SFX, both done through Giant Sandbox Productions, which is operated by a former audio producer and colleague from BioWare.

16. Will the adventure pack be available only as a digital download?

Larry Liberty: The current plan is to offer Adventure Packs as downloadable content only.

17. Where will gamers be able to download the adventure pack from?

Larry Liberty: Initially, the game will be made available through and our NWN 2 site (

18. Will Mysteries of Westgate use the same DRM as that of NWN1 where it needs to contact a server before being played? In other words, can it be played offline?

Larry Liberty: The game will use technology similar to NWN1 premium modules. We have not yet determined if you will be able to play offline.

19. When can we expect the release and how much will it cost?

Larry Liberty: The Adventure Pack is just about in the can. What we are waiting on now is the authentication server (game security). Best case scenario is end of November to complete and test this new system.

20. Are there any other adventure packs being planned or does the continuation of the program depend on the success of Mysteries of Westgate?

Larry Liberty: We have not committed to next another Adventure Pack at this stage. I do expect to see more downloadable content for NWN 2 in the future, but I cannot be more specific at this point. I should have a better understanding of where we are going within a few weeks.

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