Lineage II: Public Test Server - The 1st Throne - The Kamael

| 7 Nov 2007 14:36

Test server fans rejoice as The 1st Throne - The Kamael is now live to everyone on the test server to hop on and explore this new land.

The 1st Throne - The Kamael update is now live on the Public Test Server! Be one of the first to see the Kamael and their city on the Isle of Souls, participate in a Fortress battle, explore new lands, try out new items, and much more!

Please visit FilePlanet to download the complete Public Test Server client. You must be registered on the site to begin the download, but the download is free.

Check the official Public Test Server forum for more info on The 1st Throne - The Kamael update Public Test Server!

Enjoy and be sure to point out any bugs if you find any.

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