Dark Age Of Camelot: Hot Fix Patch Notes 11/13/07

| 14 Nov 2007 17:10

The patch notes for the latest Hot Fix are now available. This hot fix focuses mostly on quest issues.

Some quest changes are now available for your perusal. Read on.


- Lailen, Singer of the Wyrm, has had his dialogue updated to reflect the end of the Dragon's Revenge Campaign.


Quests - General

- The Hunt Begins - This quest is now disabled in all three realms.

- The Three Dragons - The sixth goal of this quest now shows a waypoint in the center of Agramon for Gerik's Sword, indicating it is somewhere on the island.

- The Ghostly Harvest - With the festivities now over for Halloween, these quests can now be removed from a character's journal if it is still pending.

Quests - Midgard

- Getting up to speed - Skipta will no longer incorrectly the first goal of this quest. In addition, the completion text now indicates that the purpose of this quest was gathering updated information for Skipta.

- Medical Supplies - Gythja of Eir now properly reacts to the fact that she is being brought a gift, instead of being asked for supplies.

- Seek the Dragonslayer - Barkeep Kanar will now react properly to players on this quest. In addition, Skipta will now complete this quest correctly when you ask her if she is the Dragonslayer.

- Dragonslayer Skipta - This quest can now be received by Skipta after completing Seek the Dragonslayer and is completed by Snorri Sturlson out in front of Jordheim.

- The 'Saving Zarees' quest will no longer leave the superfluous helm in your pack when you complete the quest.

- The Foil Hat and the Amulet of Wishes from 'Saving Zarees' quest can no longer be used while in combat.

Quests - Hibernia

- Dragonslayer Lirazal - This quest can now be completed by Edward Plunkett out in front of Tir na Nog.

- Seek the Dragonslayer - Master Lucyn will now correctly complete goals 2, 3, and 4 of this quest.

- Getting up to speed - Harris MacCullogh has had his dialogue updated to reflect that the Dragonslayer is no longer being asked to leave retirement.

- The journal description for the 'Saving Zarees' quest refers to the proper mob now. This fixes an issue where the mob was referred to as Xerxes instead of the proper Zerxes.

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