Jumpgate Evolution: Developer Journal: Herman Peterscheck on A.I.

| 19 Nov 2007 20:04

MMORPG.com posted a developer journal by Jumpgate Evolution's Lead Producer Herman Peterscheck, who talked about Artificial Intelligence for the space-based game and its evolution for their future title:

SAL-9000: "Will I dream?"

Dr. Chandra: "Of course you will. All intelligent beings dream. Nobody knows why."

I can distinctly remember this scene from 2010; and it is a most amazing moment in a Science Fiction movie, I find. Amazing not only because it shows some kind of sentience in a machine (we got plenty of that in 2001), but because of the response. Nobody knows why. When you consider how things in games work, that mantra comes up over and over again. Most things in games are the result of nobody knowing why. Why is that wonderful thing that happens when all the pieces come together and things just seem to work. It's a moment we all work for. It's a moment we all hope for. It's what games are all about.

Let me back up a few paces and go over why we thought AI was necessary in Jumpgate Evolution. The obvious reason is that you need to have stuff for players to do. One of those things is to blow things up. In order for blowing those things up to be interesting they must behave in some kind of predictable or unpredictable way. They need to fly, shoot, miss, hit and vary in difficulty. All of this is pretty much expected at this point. But we wanted a bit more than that...

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