Fallen Earth: Lee Hammock Interview -MassiveFPS

| 20 Nov 2007 22:03

MassiveFPS had a chance to talk to Fallen Earth's lead designer Lee Hammock, who introduced his project and answered a slew of related questions:

Ahmed: What character movements have you planned to include in the game (crouching, walking, running, swimming, emotions etc...)?

Lee Hammock: Walking, jogging, running, sprinting, crouching, crawling, riding mounts and in cars, swimming, climbing ladders, among others.

Ahmed: Do players have the option to choose between FPS and TPS?

Lee Hammock: Yes. I find that it's much easier to use ranged weapons in FPS mode, but much easier to use melee weapons in TPS mode, so I tend to switch back and forth a lot.

Ahmed: Does the game utilize auto aim in any form?

Lee Hammock: None at all. There is no lock on targeting, no sticky target, nothing of the sort. Folks seem to get confused about this one, so just to be clear, there is no type of aiming assistance at all in Fallen Earth.

Read the full interview on MassiveFPS.

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