Fallen Earth: QotW#34: Gobble! Gobble! Thanksgiving QOTW

| 21 Nov 2007 16:21

It's Thanksgiving week, and the Fallen Earth team is hard at work on the project, delivering another batch of fresh answers, served by Canticle:


Mmmm. Turkey. Dressing. A big helping of cranberry sauce. Seasoned stuffing. What more could you want? Hey, I know - another batch of questions answered by Fallen Earth lead developer Lee Hammock!

Things are still progressing quickly, with the content team having moved on to Picus Ridge, Barret Manor, Devon Township, and Tinkersdam. We're also doing some work on experience points, aggro, and group dynamics, though this week will be a bit short for us as it is Thanksgiving.

1. It would be greatly appreciated by all if we could get a character creation gadget program test maker thing, but if it is too complicated, too early for something like that or anything along those lines, I fully understand.

This is something we hear fairly often, but it's not something that's feasible with our technology. To use the character creation system you need to download the whole game engine, which is a big download, a lot of work to break off from the game, and a big security issue. Basically, it's the sort of thing where if we wanted to do that, we would have to push the game back a month due to all the programmer resources the task would require.

2. While in a group, will the experience points be split evenly per kill/mission completion? Will the mission/quest rewards be divided evenly or will all members have to be in some sort of close proximity to get credit?

Currently experience points for kills are divided based on the levels of the characters in the team with a small bonus based on the number of people in the team. The speed increase of killing things in a group allows you to earn experience points at a substantially faster rate even with this division.

Mission rewards are only given to the character who completes the mission. If you have a group of five folks, three of which complete a mission, those three each get full experience points for that mission. Thus it's always a good idea to try and share missions.

3. How will the game protect against people exploiting that (salvage) feature by repeatedly breaking down the same item to gain experience points by putting it back together?

You always get fewer components out of the item than you put into it, so you can't go back and forth forever. How much less you get is determined by your skill level.

4. Some items can't be traded because they are mission rewards, but they can be traded as a refined item; what stops people who want the component from just breaking down the item with the component inside?

Actually, we've gotten away from that for the most part. The only items currently with non-skill- or non-attribute-based requirements, including the ability to trade, are faction gear.

5. If I am level 100 and make a lot of noise around a level 5 mob, will that mob attack me?

Yes. It probably won't be much of a threat, but it will attack.

6. If I kill a mob, will another player be able to loot it?

No, only the player at the top of the creature's aggro list can search and harvest the creature. Without such a limitation, the possibilities for player abuse are immense.

7. Will you have a certain amount of energy or stamina so you have to rest from time to time?

Yes, you consume Stamina using special attacks, using weapons, etc. If you run out of Stamina you can activate no special attacks and you'll move at a reduced speed. Stamina is determined by your Endurance and Willpower.

8. In the PvE, who gets the experience if two people (not in group together) attack the same critter: the person who hits first, does the most damage, or gets the last blow that kills?

Don't know yet, but we're having a meeting today to figure out that very thing.

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