Neverwinter Nights 2: NWN 2: MotB Updates at Thieves Guild

| 23 Nov 2007 17:53

Thieves Guild sent along word that they have been at the update business again.

Another round of updates from Thieve's Guild. We've just added an Item List for Mask of the Betrayer.

The Item list contains the item codes for all uniquely named items found in the expansion, and their in-game locations as well. It also includes all plot item codes so if you should lose a crucial item, you'll now be able to respawn it.

We've also added four new downloadable files in the download section. These files contain lists of the following information:

MotB Epic Feats (final version)
MotB Item ID list (revised version 2 coming soon)
MotB Recipe List (final version)
MotB Feat Codes (final version)

The files are in simple .txt format, are relatively small and can be downloaded from this link:

As always, grateful thanks to our friends at Thieves Guild!

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