Asherons Call: November Event Release Notes

| 27 Nov 2007 22:14

Frelorn, of Turbine's Asheron's Call Community Team, posted the release notes for this month's event, scheduled to go live tomorrow:

Hello and welcome to the November Release Notes. This month brings many changes to an already turbulent world. Humans and Lugians alike have seen strange happenings to members of their kind, and even the Carenzi on Marae Lassel have been reported to have some kind of strange illness. Lets see what other changes will hit Dereth this month.

Miscellaneous Changes and Improvements

  • We will be running a series of scheduled and unscheduled Live Ops this month. Once we have the completed schedule, we will post it on the launcher and on the official forums.

  • On the weekend of December 15-16th we will be increasing the drop rate of all Rares in the game. During this time all player who are fighting Rare eligible creatures will have an increased chance of getting a Rare drop.

  • Orisis had more health than was intended. This has been fixed and his health is now more in line with what was expected.

  • As a result of the extra downtime we have had this month, most of the timed content that was in for October, will remain in the game for the November event as well.

  • A problem was found with the behavior of the Olthoi Flyers in the infested area of Olthoi North. These Olthoi have been removed from the area until the issue can be properly resolved.

  • The text seen by players, who have been banned from the game, now has the new link to our ban appeals team.

  • A few more masks or headgear as it were, have been added in this month. It seems some things just needed some last minute fixes by the mask makers.

  • Some additional items have been added to the various special vendors throughout Dereth. These vendors are located at the Colosseum, Infested Olthoi area, and the Graveyard, respectively. Make sure you check them out to see what new items they have in stock.

  • There appears to be some sort of plague affecting the Carenzi of Marae Lassel.

  • The Prodigal Shadow Dungeon is now a landblock that does not unload. This means that all corpse decay timers will be exact for that dungeon. This also means that players will no longer have to “hold the landblock” to prevent it from resetting.

So there are just some of the things we have in store for Asheron's Call in November. Please remember that along with everything listed here, there are several new quests and exciting things going into the game for the November event.

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