Jumpgate Evolution: Hermann Peterscheck Interview on Massively

| 29 Nov 2007 22:39

Massively scored a very encompassing interview with Netdevil's Hermann Peterscheck, who is also the producer of Jumpgate Evolution. Peterschecke touched upon many subjects, like his involvement with the gaming industry, Auto Assault's pitfalls, and the prospects of Jumpgate Evolution:

Massively: The first thing that jumps to mind when you talk about space-based MMO combat is EVE Online. How's PvP going to work, and how are you going to differentiate yourselves from EVE? Which is not actually a flying game, but it is a ship-based combat game.

Peterscheck: Right. There's a few differences between us and EVE. Obviously, we get compared because they're space games. But besides that, they're really very different games. EVE is sort of an empire building game-- they have an incredibly rich economy, they focus on corporations, and it sort of builds up to this gigantic war, that might take a month to get going, and last a few hours. So it has that sort of a steep curve to it. Jumpgate is much more a space combat game. Where I'm in my ship -- I'm primarily fighting against AI or other players. There's all this secondary stuff -- there's mining, commodities, and crafting-type stuff, and all the economy things you need. And there there's also the social elements -- you have to have squads, and engage in those kinds of things. But the basic gameplay is flying around and, you know, shooting things. That to me is fundamentally different than EVE. So I think as a result, it's easier to get into. In terms of differentiating ourselves, I think that's really what we're trying to go for-- EVE has a long tutorial at the beginning, where you learn how to do all these various things, and we're trying to make it so you just jump in and play right away. You're blowing up bad guys, you're collecting your loot, you're making your ship a little bit better, and you sort of advance quickly through the game that way, and it opens up as you get into it more. Kind of the World of Warcraft approach-- click, kill, collect, click, kill, collect, and then later on, you learn, "oh wow there's talents and there's raids," and that kind of stuff.

Read the full interview on Massively.

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