Jumpgate Evolution: MMORPG Developer Chat

| 30 Nov 2007 02:54

MMORPG.com posted the complete log of their recent Developer Chat session with NetDevil's staff: Lead Producer Hermann Peterscheck, Programmer Steve Hartmeyer, Business Development Manager Grace Wong and Community Manager Nicole Hamlett:

smurfsamurai :asks: What features sets jumpgate apart from other space sims like eve online for example?

ND_Draker: There are probably more differences than similarities. The game takes place in space, but it is much more action based rather than an economic simulation. While economy plays a major role the focus of the game is space combat and I think that aspect is missing in the MMO genre. The goal is for people to have lots of things to do in the meta game... but we don't want to stray from the combat and that's what sets us apart.

ABRaquel :asks: Will the same merit/medal system be implemented in Jumpgate Evolution?

ND_Istvan: The medal system from Jumpgate Classic (JGC) will be included, and enhanced from its original form.

netburnrol :asks: are you really going to have a non-pvp and a pvp server instead of one big server?

ND_Draker: Jumpgate Evolution will be a "shard" based game as opposed to a huge single shard - like EvE. The reasons for this are many, but really it's that the game design doesn't necessarily work for 30k+ people. Imagine World of Warcraft with 10k people waiting to kill the same spawn. Our plan is to listen to what people want and attempt to satisfy them. Personally I love the idea of PvP and PvE servers :). We want to make sure that both types of players are equally served as well.

Read the full chat log at MMORPG.com.

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