Guild Wars: GuildCafe To Host Guild Wars Tournament This Weekend

| 30 Nov 2007 21:41

GuildCafe has sent word of a unique Guild Wars tournament they're running over the weekend. This event lets Guild Wars players compete for prizes and they're even covering it on their internet radio station.

This is the first of what GuildCafe hopes will be many player initiated and run events that they will sponsor.

This weekend beginning at 5:00 PM GMT (noon Eastern), GuildCafe is sponsoring a completely player-initiated event in Guild Wars. Rules and the real life prizes are listed here. The live event coverage begins on Uberguilds Radio at 1:00 PM, where a popular PVP radio show called Weapon of Choice will be relaunching. If you want to watch any of the tournament matches, all you need is a Guild Wars account. Log in, and press the Observe key (default key is "B"). Matches will be listed under their tournament division name - either Dragon, Phoenix, or Titan.

The thing that makes this event more than just a tournament is that it marks the first sponsored GuildCafe event. If you want to run your own tournament, scavenger hunt, naked newbie race, poetry slam, or more in your favorite MMO, we are actively looking for strong guild who can provide the leadership

GuildCafe will provide the support, with custom web pages, tech support, management, and whatever else we can do.

Click here for full details.

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