Everquest 2: EQII: Rise of Kunark Review at IGN

| 1 Dec 2007 01:21

IGN has reviewed EQII: Rise of Kunark. Heralding improvements such as "zone blending", editors handed Kunark 8.2/10.00 and said:

As with the previous expansions, there's nothing here that will convince you the EverQuest II is worth playing if you've already decided to pass on it. But for players who are looking to extend the life of a game they already love, Kunark offers lots of amazing diversions.

The new player experience is solid (if a little isolated) and the high level content is something you can't find anywhere else. If you're not already bumping your head against level 70 then you can safely hold off on getting Kunark for a while. The new Sarnak content is bound to be attractive to some mid-level players, but it's clear that Kunark is being aimed at the hardcore and newbie crowds.

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