Dungeons And Dragons Online: DDO Referral Program

| 8 Dec 2007 00:01

In case you missed the news, Turbine announced a referral program for DDO:

We're proud to announce the Turbine Referral Program, a great way to earn free game time by introducing your family and friends to DUNGEONS & DRAGONS ONLINE ™: Stormreach ™! It's so easy a kobold can do it!

The Turbine Referral Program lets paying subscribers of DUNGEONS & DRAGONS ONLINE ™: Stormreach ™ refer friends to play the game and receive free game time for successful referrals. Each of your referred friends will be sent a Guest Key to try the game for free for ten (10) consecutive days!

For every friend that buys and subscribes to the game, you'll get a referral credit that can be redeemed for 30 days of FREE game time that can be added to your subscription to that game!

To refer your friends, log in to your account at http:// myaccount.turbine.com . Under "Refer a friend..." section, you can enter up to five friends' email addresses for each game you're subscribed to. Hit the Submit button to update the list and send Guest Keys to your friends!

You can see the status of your referred friends at any time. "Converted" means your friend has accepted your invitation, played the game, and subscribed to it. You're well on your way to earning free subscription time for the game!

Terms and Conditions apply. For more information on the Turbine Referral Program, please click here: https://myaccount.turbine.com/referral/rules/ddo. Thanks for playing!

Now you have yet another reason to bring your friends to Stormreach!

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