Anarchy Online: Holiday Events List Released

| 8 Dec 2007 05:34

Funcom decided to release the scheduled holiday events list early on, and it looks like Christmas in Rubi-Ka will be nothing short of Merry! With several contest, glitzy rewards, trunks and the traditional red bikinis:

We have came to a decision and decided to start reporting some of your events on the community news section of the official site. So look no further, if you have an event in the planning that needs some community advertising then please let us know by e-mailing or sending a private message to 'Famine' on the forums.

So check out what the community has in store for you this month!

Life on Atlantean

Mocker's December Blitzfest

The Mockers are organizing a blitzing contest this December.
The winner will be awarded with the Title "Grand Master Blitzer" (Mockers stamp of approval) and the ultimate blitzer's vehicle ...
Unmarked Yalmaha 29500 - The Stiletto

How does it work ?
The contest will run for title levels 4 to 7.
Each contestant will have to blitz 3 items.
First one to get all 3 items for his/her title level gets the title Master Blitzer and the reward we have chosen for that title level.
First one to get all 3 items from any title level will get the reward for his/her title level AND the Unmarked Yalmaha 29500 - The Stiletto

The rewards
So then... the rewards for individual title levels :
Title level 7 : QL 300 Kyr'Ozch Machine Pistol - Type 5
Title level 6 : QL 260 Conflagrant Syndicate Messenger Gun
Title level 5 : QL 240 Syndicate Messenger Gun
Title level 4 : QL 200 Superior Perennium Beamer

This event will start at the same time as the Mockers Winter Holiday party
In order to help us set everything up and register all participants you will need to be there 20 minutes before the event kicks off ... so...
Saturday, December 29, 2007 7:00 PM
Timezone: UTC/GMT (Greenwich Standard Time)
Outside Newland on the lakeside at 1077x445 (Bronto Burger)

Artic Leets December Dive!

Pool... Ice... Bikinis and Trunks!

18th of December at 1800 UTC/ 1pm EST
Pool Pavilion @ 840 x 1750 in 4-Holes.

We Clanners are rather tough, nit-gritty folks roaming the hot dry dunes of Rubi-Ka. Think you got what it takes to take a dip in the pool Artic-Leet style? Easier said than done. Are you man enough not to squeal like a girl when you dive in? Girls think you're hot enough not to freeze off your ni... erm... eh... All Clanners are welcome to attend! Simple Grid Access nearby, Whom-pah not far away! Best of all, get too cold? No problem! The lava pool is just across the street to warm you up toasty!

(Note: omni-tek employees will be removed from the area by local security guards.)
Featuring Entertainment by DJ Deronel!
Security provided by dedicated Unionist Guards!

"Leet Dip" Contest of most original, comical,dramatic or graceful Dive performed,
"Hottest of the Coldies!" Most over-dressed contest,
"Coldest of the Hotties!" Most under-dressed contest.

Do you want to be a billionaire?

Phyxr decided to give away 1,000,000,000 credits!

The competition will be closed at 8am GMT on Saturday 8th December 2007.

During that time anyone who fulfills all of the requirements below will be entered into a draw for the billion credit prize.


Each character entering must ...

* Post a link in this thread to a screenshot of them standing within the Anarchy Online Logo at Anarchic Hill. See the example screenshots of me standing there, linked to below.
* Post their character name and level
* Be on Atlantean
* Be between level 60 to 100 inclusive at the time the entry is posted. (ie lvl 59 is no good, level 101 is no good).
* Have been created on 23rd November 2007 or earlier
* Not be on my ignore list
* Not know me in real life (sorry kids, sorry bro)
* Not be a froob - you need to have a paid account to post in these forums

I will record all valid entrants character names in this thread alongside a unique number which will be used in the draw. If there are ten or fewer entries I will divide the billion credits equally amongst them on Saturday 8th December 2007. If there are more than ten entries I will roll the winner on Saturday 8th December 2007 on helpbot - probably around noon GMT. I will make the draw from the top of Anarchic Hill. If the winner is not present at the draw they will have one week to collect their prize from me outside Borealis Basic Shop. I will disallow any entries I feel are against the spirit of the contest, and any who I think are trying to unduly exploiting the limitations of the rules.

Why am I doing this?

Players on the forum and in game have asked me why I'm doing this, so I'll answer that here. Back in July I gave away a city. Before that, in February I gave away a Dchest. The reasons I gave then are pretty much the same now; through the good fortune of knowing helpful and generous players during my early years in the game I became sufficiently savvy in the game to be able to make the most of three opportunities that came my way - firstly ingots, then cities, and finally the credit transfer and pawnshop services. All of these have generated a fair amount of in-game wealth for me, and from time to time I like to return a little of this to the community. In this way the generosity of spirit that was shown to me is, in a small and personal way, perpetuated. The additional reason this time is that I am able to do it on the Atlantean server. The previous giveaways have been on Rimor - the server I started on all those years ago.

Here are my sample screenshots:
Long shot
Close up

Good luck.

Life on Rimor

Title Level 5: 2 vs. 2 Tournament

Saturday the 8th December is the RK 2 TL 5 2 v 2 Roumble.
Time: 7 PM GMT, 2 PM EST
Place: Tir arena
The winners will get the whole pricepool.
Find urself a partner today and sign up.


1. No OSB
2. Onlybuffs from you and your partner are allowed (No FP hopping for agents. I.E.: If you play mimic doctor, you cant use mimic enforcer and hand out HP buffs then switch back to doctor.)
3. No waiting for specials like MoTR, Absorb, CIB, Dimach etc
4. NO NBS!
5. Only one of each profession can team together (I.E.: NO Agent + Agent, NT + NT etc)


50m - Beertrinker


Zunjx(agent)+ Xterix(fixer)
Bornfromhell(fixer)+ Lequack(MA)

Ppl LF partner
Geseeff (NT)
Wiktorija (NT)
Lizad (NT)
Kiecie (Doc)
Sirmonkalot (fixer)
Snipaas (dunno if name is right, agent)
Awix (Fixer)
Geemp (Soldier)

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