Fury: TenTonHammer Developer Interview

| 12 Dec 2007 01:40

TenTonHammer had the chance to interview Adam Carpenter, Creative Director of Fury, and Cameron McNeil, System Designer. Most of the questions are based around the new expansion Age of the Chosen, but some questions go beyond that.

Ten Ton Hammer: Tell us about the 1v1 matches. How are these going to play out? Won't the melee oriented characters like the Destroyer and Guardian have an unfair advantage over the weaker, ranged classes?

Adam: Are casters really the weaker roles and in Fury? Also, what really defines a caster? A few weeks ago, after we made changes to the movement damage bonus, a few players were stating that casters were now overpowered.

That aside, and to give you a more direct answer, the beauty of Fury's character development system is that you aren't locked into a rigid role. You can be any kind of melee, caster or hybrid that you can imagine and change your Incarnation anytime between battles.

Check out the full interview over at TenTonHammer.com

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