City Of Heroes: Winter Has Arrived! Baby New Year Needs Your Help!

| 17 Dec 2007 18:46

The 2007 Holiday Event has now hit live servers! You can log in now and participate in a variety of different activities. Returning from last year is poor Baby New Year kidnapped by the Red Caps led by Snaptooth once again! Baby-Man-Face needs your help:

We've gone and done the greatest crime,
We've captured little Baby Time!
We'll hold him 'till he's old and ill,
To keep the world in winter's chill!

So shiver, witches, in the cold,
And pumpkin-heads will rot with mold!
The human world will freeze and slow,
And people will be filled with woe!

For human time will be like Fey,
Unchanging! Always time to play!,
They'll know that this was Snaptooth's plan,
We'll terrorize the world of man!

We've gone and done the greatest crime,
We've captured little Baby Time!
You'll never save the little year
For Red-Caps are the ones you'll fear!

This year the Ski Chalet has had a bit of an upgrade as well ! You can now try to beat record times and earn badges for making good time:

Qualified - Good run, but try harder, better times to be had!
Accelerated - Ski the slopes in 35 Seconds
Speed Demon - Ski the slopes in 25 Seconds

Presents this year also have the chance to drop special salvage Candy Canes these candy canes can be used to redeem many of the previous Holiday event rewards at the Ski Chalet. The rewards include all the temporary powers, gifts, and even the badges.

For more details on the event click here!

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