Pirates Of The Burning Sea: POTBS Beta Devlog: Ships of the Line

| 18 Dec 2007 02:00

A new Dev Log is up and is written by Taelorn. This time he talks about Ships of the Line, and how SOLs have been effecting the game in beta. Check out what the Devs have to say about this imbalance.

-Talking about the cost of SOLs

What were doing is making SOLs much more expensive to construct. While the actual doubloon cost to execute the recipes will be larger, the more important factor is that making them will now consume far more economic goods. The goods used to produce an SOL will not just be high-end specialty items, either; low-level players who only dabble in the economy will still be able to make goods that are needed to build an SOL. This means societies will have directed activities for newbies to perform, so they can all pull together to pursue this goal.

You can read the full Devlog here.

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