Star Wars Galaxies: Friday Feature: Drop and Roll

| 21 Dec 2007 18:50


Interior decorators can add even more of a personal touch with the new rotation commands in Chapter 8. New commands can be used to make moving furniture easier, and home designers can use new pitch and roll abilities when they complete two new Chapter 8 collections!

What are Pitch, Yaw, and Roll?

Pitch, yaw, and roll refer to the rotation axis for an object.


Rotation around the longitudinal (front-to-back) axis is called roll, and rotation around the lateral (side-to-side) axis is called pitch. Yaw, previously called Rotate Left/Right in Star Wars Galaxies, is rotation around the vertical axis.

Rotating Items

imageThe left and right furniture rotation commands have been replaced with new yaw commands. Open the radial menu on the furniture you would like to adjust.

Under Rotate, select Yaw + and Yaw -, or use the slash command /rotateFurniture yaw <degrees (-180 to 180)>.

A new option at the bottom of the Misc Options tab allows you to set the number of degrees by which furniture is rotated when using the Rotate radial menu or when using /rotateFurniture and no degrees are specified.

The selected degree value is reflected in the Rotate radial sub-menu; the default value is 90.

Copying a Rotation

You can also copy the rotation of one object and apply it to another. Select Copy Rotate radial menu or the slash command /rotateFurniture copy while you have one object selected in the green bracket and one selected in the blue bracket.


The current look at target (blue bracket) will change to the same rotation and orientation as the current intended target (green bracket).  

Pitch and Roll

Once you have acquired the ability to rotate objects around the pitch and roll axes by completing collections in Chapter 8, new commands are at your disposal to add even more flair to your decorating. These new options on the Move radial menu only appear once you have earned the pitch and roll abilities.

Pitch + and Pitch - on the Rotate radial menu, or the command /rotateFurniture pitch <degrees (-180 to 180)> rotate the object around the pitch axis.

Use Roll + and Roll - on the Rotate radial menu or command /rotateFurniture roll <degrees (-180 to 180)>) to rotate an object around the roll axis.            

Copying Location and Height

You can use new Copy commands to move objects quickly and easily.


imageWhen you select Copy Location in the Move radial menu, or use the command /moveFurniture copy location , the current look at (blue bracket) target will move to the same horizontal location as the current intended (green bracket) target.             

Copy Height, similar to Copy Location, is also in the Move radial menu. Selecting Copy Height or typing /moveFurniture copy height will move the current look at (blue bracket) target to the same height as the current intended (green bracket) target. 

Both objects must be located in the same room in order to use the Copy Height and Copy Location commands.

Random Rotations

If you're looking to add some originality to your room, you can also randomly rotate objects. Use the slash command /rotateFurniture yaw random or choose Yaw Random to randomly rotate around the yaw axis only.

Choose Roll Random or /rotateFurniture roll random to randomly rotate around the roll axis only; Pitch Random on the Rotate menu or /rotateFurniture pitch random randomly rotates around the pitch axis only. These menu items and commands are only available once you have earned pitch and roll abilities.

To really take a chance on an innovative design, choose Random on the Rotate radial sub-menu or type /rotateFurniture random to randomly rotate the object around all 3 axes.


If the results end up being too avant-garde for your tastes, or if you just want to start from scratch, choose Reset in the Rotate radial sub-menu or type /rotateFurniture reset to reset the object's orientation to its original position.

Vendors are not fond of being moved into odd positions around your store, so please keep in mind that you cannot rotate a vendor around its pitch or roll axes. You also cannot use /rotateFurniture copy to rotate a vendor.  /rotateFurniture random on a vendor will only rotate the vendor around the yaw axis.

Use these new commands to make over your dream home in Chapter 8. Once your makeover creations are complete, don't forget to send it to the Galactic Showcase to show it off!

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