Fury: Patch Notes 12/23 :Build 33139

| 23 Dec 2007 15:15

A new patch for Fury has been released just before the holidays. The things changed are items, warzones, abilities, and more.


-Fixed a bug with Endurance. The Heal Over Time portion now works correctly.
-Fixed a bug where Liberate was not breaking holds.
-Fixed a bug where fields would not apply correctly.
-Fixed a bug where Frozen Agony did not render the target immune to healing potions.
-Fixed a bug where the Elemental Mirror immunity had the wrong name.


-Fixed a bug where Rings, Necklaces and Earrings bought from vendors were set to use the Waist slot.
-Fixed a bug where the Wrists of Sorran were the incorrect rarity.
-Decreased the amount of damage Fire Wall does down to 30%.
-Fixed a bug where Rare (yellow) faction armor had a health bonus of 222 instead of 278
-Decrease the cost of using the item Artificer


-Fixed a bug where Deathblow Achievements were awarded when no Deathblows were performed.
-Fixed a bug with queuing
-Increased the health powerup respawn times in Seat of Tymia
-Fixed a bug where players could become stuck in the Stormsteed Training Arena
-Decrease the amount of health bots have in Carnage
-Increased the time between attacks for Carnage bots


-Sanctuaries now look more festive.
-Fixed various NPC names.
-Fixed a bug where players could be disconnected when approaching the Growth School portal in Sanctarum.
-Players will now have access to mail before they have left the tutorial arena
-The minimum number of games required to leave the tutorial area has been lowered to five.


-Skill rank values can now be seen in the avatar journal.
Chat and System window opacity now updates correctly.
-Fixed a bug where the Send Mail button could be incorrectly disabled.
-Fixed a bug where Mail attachments could become greyed out.
-Fixed a bug where the battle report would list Unknown Entity as an achievement winner.
-Fixed a bug where no feedback text was given when removing players from the ignore list.
-Fixed a bug where group members were reported as Unknown Entity.
-Fixed a bug where Interface Options were not loaded correctly (yes the view snap bug is finally put to rest).
-Adjusted the floating combat text font size.
-Fixed a bug in a number of dialogs where pressing the Escape key would not close them.
-Fixed a bug where the Guild Manager would stop working.
-Offense and Defense tooltips in the Incarnation GUI are now much more helpful.
-Fixed a bug where mail messages appeared blank.
-Fixed a bug where Abilities would be linked while holding shift and clicking on them when the chat input window was not open.
-Fixed a text bug in the Auction UI
-Implemented a Beta version of movable GUIs. Most GUIs can now be moved by holding down shift and left clicking to drag them to a new location. The feature will be updated over time, please send us your feedback and feature requests.


-Adjusted the default camera position.
-Fixed a bug where players could move faster than was intended.
-Fixed a bug where the patcher text disappeared

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