AoC Interview at Eurogamer: Questioning Conan

| 2 Jan 2008 13:39

Eurogamer is featuring an interview with the developers of Age of Conan.

Eurogamer: When you look at games like WoW and their audience, there are a lot of children playing them. Have you got any way of preventing children from playing this game, which clearly isn't suited to them - or do you just leave it up to the parents, since it's really their job?

Ole Herbjornsen: We do have a German version, which is going to be scaled down compared to the US and UK versions. Other than that, of course you'll need to have a Visa card - well, if your 14 year old son manages to get hold of a Visa card and go online, there are far bigger problems you have to worry about. We don't have retina scanners or anything!

Erling Ellingsen: We do also have pre-paid game cards. We can't keep underage children from playing in the game - it's just impossible. We just have to trust in parents. It's their responsibility.

Ole Herbjornsen: We've definitely seen in our community feedback that the most interested group of people, in terms of age categories, is 18 plus. The highest levels of interest come from people even older than that.

Erling Ellingsen: Besides, the average age of an MMO player is supposedly 27.

It's a pretty extensive interview and worth the time to read.

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