Funcom Talks "The Barbarian" at NextGen

| 2 Jan 2008 16:16 is also featuring an interview today. This time, editors talk with the game's director, Gaute Godager.

This combat system is more action-oriented than many other MMOGs - do you think this reflects a change in RPGs in general?

It's an interesting question. Many people have likened MMOGs to an Excel sheet, particularly in terms of combat. I think that's all well and good - I made a game like that myself. But I think inspiration from other more action RPGs like Knights Of The Old Republic have made me think about what else we can do on the internet that really drives activity and gives a sense of being there. I don't know if that's a general move for RPGs but it's a change akin to moving from strategy games to realtime strategy games. It's a natural evolution of people's interests; they want to have a different type of experience whilst keeping the old experience at the same time.

Great article. Read it!

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