Tabula Rasa: TR-RolePlayers Event Wrap Up Interview

| 2 Jan 2008 22:03

Soahl and Ambrose of TRRP talk about how the Resurgence Day event came to be, as well as how the event turned out over at the IGN Vault Network.

Soahl: She's one of the mods. She'd gotten the idea from a chat with some friends. Anyway, everyone brainstormed in the thread, and somewhere down the line Ambrose and I volunteered to MC. Then, RL stole our dear Rosalyn away. Two weeks or so later, FireLotus piped in and said the Devs needed to know what we were planning. I still remember logging on the forums that morning, from Ambrose, never the less "Well, it looks like it's you and me."

You can view the full interview over at TR Vault

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