Tabula Rasa: Tabula Rasa Review at Boomtown

| 4 Jan 2008 11:53

Boomtown has conjured up a pretty decent review of Tabula Rasa. Handing it an overall score of 8/10 and calling it a "diamond in the rough", the reviewer summed it all up saying:

There's no doubt that TR is an MMORPG that's fresh out of the starting blocks, as there is much about the game that could do with a bit of spit and polish. In general chat, for example, there are still a few comments asking about quest bugs and other glitches, while the dialogue of NPCs seem to be undergoing some sort of censorship that isn't quite complete. Some NPCs, for instance, have words such as 'ass' replaced with expletives yet others freely throw around words such as 'pisshole' with merry abandon. As yet there's no real end-game to speak of either, while some of the key abilities of the final tier player classes don't work as they should.

None of the bugs I encountered were game breaking to the extent that I didn't want to play anymore, but some did break the sense of immersion, so here's hoping they are addressed sooner rather than later. Despite all of the points I've raised, however, the only true measure of a MMORPG is whether you are still enjoying and paying to play at the end of your 'free' 30 days, and as of the time of this writing, I am doing precisely that.

They've included some nice screens and there's a lot more to the review.

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