Pirates Of The Burning Sea: POTBS: Stats for Pre-Order Bonus Items!

| 4 Jan 2008 22:31

We were told that if we pre-ordered PotBS we would be able to get bonus items but since then we have been clueless on what those items might be. Today, the developers announced the stats of what each bonus item is. Check it out!

The swords are as follows:

Musketeers Matching Blades (for Florentine combat style)
Old World Cutlass (for Dirty Fighting combat style)
Swedish Rapier (for Fencing combat style)

All three share the same stats:

Damage 6 12
Balance Damage 6 12
+2 Dodge
+2 Parry
+1 Offense Bonus

Not only are these swords as powerful as a level 20 sword, but you can use the swords at level 1!

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