Dungeons And Dragons Online: DDO Backstage

| 9 Jan 2008 02:56

Quarion shared a new feature on the official forums, a "backstage":

Did you ever find yourself with the urge to ask the Developers of DDO random questions? We took a collection of your random questions, and asked some DDO Devs answer them, for a new feature called "DDO Backstage!"

The first question is: What is your forum name and how did you come up with it?

Codog - Codog was the PnP name for my father's impetuous barbarian character. I named my forum name after his character as a tribute to him for being an involved parent . Every Thursday night, I have a DDO session with my dad, my sister, and my old PnP crew.

Keeper - I role-played a simple fellow in Asheron's Call named "the Blueman". If I had to log off for dinner or to answer the phone, Blue's explanation was that "his keeper was calling him".

Eldorudo - I thought very long and hard about what to use for my forum name. I will spare you the pain of revealing the cast away names, some were quite laughable. I wanted a name that had some personal significance in addition my own little flair. El Dorado is one of my favorite Edgar Allan Poe poems. The Spanish definition of El Dorado is "The Gilded One" and it typically signifies a goal or something that you strive for. This job to me was my El Dorado. Now of course I had to add my own personal touch to the name and added a variation of the word Rudos which is what the heels or bad guys in Mexican wrestling are referred to as. Now I don't consider myself a bad guy, but I do enjoy Mexican wrestling and felt that it sounded good and would be a perfect forum name for me.

Tolero - but I suppose I'm better known to the DDO players as "Merlask", but that is my personal nickname. So for work purposes, I went with something different that had a nice meaning, and I'm a big fan of Roman culture/Latin. Additionally, based on the other community relations folks names, I went alphabetically: (P)atience, (Q)uarion, (R)amen, (S)affron, so I went with (T)olero - meaning "I endure." My role-playing character had a sort of Buddhist outlook on the world, to "endure" her karma. I'm rather fond of that approach as well.

Phax - The name Phax was one of my characters names in Ultima Online. The full name was inspired by the name of the dwarven fortress Pax Tharkas from the Dragonlance novels.

Glin - It's an elvish word, in most dialects it loosely translates to singing or poem and is a synonym to gleam.

Zyrca - My forum name is Zyrca and it originally came from my first character that I created in Asheron's Call. During character creation, I was staring blankly at the "name" field and thought "well, I like the letter z, and y, and huh, here's some more letters." That was about a year after Asheron's Call shipped.

DeadlyGazebo - It's based on an oft-repeated tale of an adventurer from the early days of DnD - an adventurer who has been hacking and slashing his way through many interestingly named monsters looks out upon a nice estate, is told he sees a Gazebo, and promptly attacks it. After a bit of confusion, the DM says "It's too late. You've awakened the gazebo. It catches you and eats you." Searching online for "the Dread Gazebo", or "the Gazebo eats you" will get you the whole story. I wasn't involved in the original in any way, I just thought it was a great story when I started playing DnD; I've heard Richard Aronson is responsible for the original story.

Quarion - Quarion is a demigod of rock and stone, (derived from "Quarry"), in an ancient lore. I felt it was appropriate because I can very much be tough as a rock, or roll with the punches. And I think it sounds neat. And I'm fond of the letter "Q".

Nereid - I was a huge fan of Greek Mythology when I was a kid and loved the stories about the Nereids - and, of course, it is a great old-school D&D Monster, so it seemed perfect.

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