Fallen Earth: QotW#40: Servers, Loot/Items, Faction & Shotguns

| 9 Jan 2008 16:47

delivered the goods early this week, with a status update and six new answered questions:

This week we're still in Kaibab Forest, working on Waste Farm, Chemtown (the Tech town for the sector), Brekshire, Blackridge, the Repository (home of Franklin's Riders), Blackhill (the Enforcer town for the sector), and Warhall (the CHOTA town for the sector).

Just to clarify, the Questions of the Week are written by me, Lee Hammock, not Moonshadow. I know the most about the game most days, so it's easier for me to answer questions than other folks. So it was I who deemed Andreeon and DarkTreader to be non-punch-in-the-face people; I wouldn't want folks to think Moonshadow goes around punching people in the face like I do. You pick up that behavior working with Captain Pouches.

Since folks seem interested in the PvP information, I'll see about getting a PvP battle set up in the next few weeks. Finding time in our busy schedules for a few hours of killing is tough these days.

1. Is the plan still for one game world? Or I guess in the very least, do you at all plan to/have discussed separating North America and EU?

We want to have as few servers as technically and realistically possible. One server would be best, but if in large-scale testing we end up with too many people in the same places, we'll have to split things up. The only place where this is likely to be a problem is the starter towns. There are only 15 of them, so if fifteen thousand people log on the first day, that's one thousand people in each town, creating some serious lag. Starter towns are important to continue the tutorial process and get players acclimated to the game, so while players move beyond them quickly, it could cause quite a bottleneck.

Due to long-distance connection issues, different continents will likely require local servers to keep everything fair, but we're already in talks with several groups in different continents to get this set up.

2. What is the difference between the loot you find and the loot you make? Which one is superior?

There is no difference; they are the same items. If you find a Crude Steel Sword on a raider, it's the same Crude Steel Sword you'd get if you made it yourself. Crafters can make items of greater power than you will find as loot at a given level. For example, a Ballistics crafter may be able to make a particular gun when their crafting skill hits 240, which happens around level 70 if they really work on their Ballistics skill, but that same item probably won't drop off a creature until dealing with level 100 creatures.

3. Is there any plans to allow player to be able to make the items fully customizable, allowing them to design the damage, armor, attributes, and special qualities on it?

Players have some ability to customize their gear (colors, adding scopes or silencers, adding nails to baseball bats, etc.), but it's not a universal system like you're describing. That would create a whole new level of item-balancing headaches.

4. How will the faction system affect the ability of players to interact with each other?

Not at all. Members of any faction can talk to each other and form groups. Faction interactions through guilds are still being worked out.

5. The second question is: how will the faction system affect the individual player's possibilities regarding the creation of more/other characters (alts)?

Players are limited to four characters per server, but the choices a player makes for one character do not affect the available choices for the other three characters. There's a huge amount of content in the game, so no one character is likely to see it all and alts are expected to be common. It is theoretically possible to see about 95% of the content with one character if you went everywhere regardless of level progression and worked your way through all the factions. Even then, there are missions in which players must choose between mutually exclusive options.

6. If we gotta keep things lined up in the crosshairs to get a hit, how will shotguns be handled?

This is something we're still working on. Our goal is to have shotguns check a larger area than other weapons to see if they have registered a hit, making them easier to use.

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