Age of Conan: Some Collector's Edition Details Revealed at Gamespy

| 10 Jan 2008 12:21

Gamespy has updated their CES coverage of Age of Conan. Editors previewed a 'techno-demo' and received a few details from the Collector's Edition of the game:

The Collector's Edition packaging is a great brick of a container, fashioned to resemble an ancient, leather-bound tome. Picture the World of Warcraft Collector's Edition box but in a snazzy red color. Inside will be: a nicely printed poem by Conan's creator, Robert Howard; the game itself; a soundtrack CD with twenty-four of the game's tracks picked by the composer, as well as a few unique tracks, a bonus DVD packed with the usual special behind-the-scene features, a 128-page art book, and two in-game items.

The first of the two bonus items is the Drinking Cape, which lets you drink for free in any pub in the game; the second is the Ring of Asheron, which grants you a 2% XP bonus and a 3% Stamina bonus. In addition to all that, if you pre-order from Best Buy you get a Killer Rhino and a Killer Rhino belt; if you pre-order through GameStop you get a War Mammoth and a War Mammoth belt. The mounts are for higher-level play; the belts are just great early-game storage. We're not sure that even that much booty qualifies for an $89.99 price point, but it is a great package. We'll render our final, bloody verdict soon, when Age of Conan hits shelves.

There is a video of their gameplay session so be sure to check it out.

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