Matrix Online: Patch Day

| 10 Jan 2008 22:04

The Matrix Online Story Continues in Episode 9.2!
Chapter 9.2 begins with a new cinematic and critical mission on Thursday, 1/10, Plus a new critical mission follows on the next four Thursdays: 1/17, 1/24, 1/31, and 2/7.

Winter Holiday Ends
The Winter Holiday Celebration in The Matrix Online ends with Update 57. We hope you enjoyed the festivities and look forward to next year's Holiday!

Changes and Improvements

* Insecticide Codes can now be sold.
* Consumables can now be used from the actions panel.
* A message in the system chat panel now notifies you when a tactic booster wears off.

Bug Fixes

* Fixed some archive mission typos.
* Prompts from the operator no longer occur at random times during the fourth phase of Machine mission 7.1.4.
* Maki-Otoshi and Tomo Nage now show activation text for their downgrade procs in the chat window.
* Helicopters now fly high enough to avoid the monument in Rogers Way.
* The neighborhood collector items have been raised to proper buff levels.
* Removed the black discoloration on the back of Boucher coat collars.
* New characters will now be able to join mission teams immediately after leaving the tutorial.
* The tutorial mission status window now shows the mission contact as 'Link' instead of 'Error'.
* Master Shadow's details have been updated to properly indicate prerequisites required for use.
* Enrage now works correctly when Smith Rage Pills are used with the Overdrive Bandana.

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