Star Trek Online: Star Trek Online: Aftershocks

| 15 Jan 2008 19:40

Following the, not-so-surprising, news of Star Trek Online's ousting by P2 Entertainment, the internet and Trekkie fan sites in particular were flooded with statements of anger, despair and, some, of hope.

Derek Smart, of the ambitious 3000 AD fame, pitched in on the future of Star Trek as an MMO at the Broken Toys blog discussion:

The only feasible way that any MMO based on the ST license would work, is if it were:

(a) based on the Next Gen or Voyager
(b) it entailed self-contained instanced stories which are refreshed periodically

Since the very nature of MMO games is to:

(a) do combat
(b) amass stats/wealth

That sort of notion is completely lost on any IP based on Star Trek which is not primarily about combat, but rather about exploration and adventure.

So, the question is, how do you make a fun MMO that is based on exploration and adventure, while keeping the sucke...I mean gamers, paying for it month after month? Now *that* is the hundred pound gorilla in the room.

In addition to that, has been the primary chatter spot for STO's hopefuls, following rumors of Cryptic Studio's IP takeover, and the possible consequences. The fans exclaimed their main concerns of Cryptic's commitment to their titles and the way they will handle the IP with the trailing Perpetual legacy.

One thing is for sure, Star Trek Online is far from dead, and we'll bring you the latest development on this story here on WarCry!

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