Star Trek Online: Report: Cryptic Studios New IP License Owner

| 15 Jan 2008 18:34

Shortly after WarCry broke the story on P2 Entertainment release of the Star Trek Online's IP to another unnamed Bay area developer, w00t's Jester reported, through anonymous sources, that Cryptic Studios of City of Heroes/Villains fame are the new owners of the license:

Today's story about Star Trek Online's licensing change has left us to do some digging and we can now say that thanks to anonymous sources that Cryptic Studios has acquired the license for Star Trek Online.

Nothing is currently known about the status of the game or time table, but we do know that the one available game developer of non-fantasy MMO's in the San Francisco Bay area has picked up the comm badge and beamed aboard.

Cryptic Studios did not release any official announcement as of yet, but is expected according to w00t's report, to do so soon.

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