Pirates Of The Burning Sea: PotBS Review at YouGamers

| 26 Jan 2008 20:18

YouGamers.com has posted an early review of Pirates of the Burning Sea. Working off a five star top score, editors handed PotBS a mid-line three stars. Here's the skinny:

The game is actually playable and mostly bug-free at launch and the servers actually work - a stark contrast to many recent massively multiplayer game launches. Sure, there are flaws - mostly related to the presentation of the character-based gameplay and general immersion - but overall the package is far better than most recent MMO offerings and the underlying design feels sound. The jury is still out on how well the economy and territorial PvP warfare between the factions will actually work in the long run, but I'm cautiously optimistic. The foundations are there, and while it's inevitable that further balancing work is needed, nothing appears fundamentally broken from the word "go".

PotBS is also to be commended for putting some real effort to the storylines. Even if many of the quests are just quick bits of action that only last for a few minutes, you can rely on a well-written piece of lore to go with it. Writing in MMORPGs has generally been an afterthought, "flavor text" to fill in a reason to go whack bunnies, but here the mission storylines actually develop along the way, and the "epic" storyline for each career is very interesting. There is also a bit of supernatural thrown in to the mix, and my Naval Officer was knee deep in stories about Templars, cryptic maps and the lost city of Atlantis by mid-20s.

Check out the rest at the link above.

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