Dark Age Of Camelot: Scrambling Scavenger Riddle Race

| 28 Jan 2008 09:10

Come join us on Saturday, February 2nd for the Scrambling Scavenger Riddle Race event on Pendragon! We will put everyone to the test to see who will win the race. Awesome prizes and so much fun to be had, check it out:

When: Saturday, February 2nd 2008

Start Time: 1:30pm EST

End Time: 5:00pm EST

Where: Pendragon

How The Event Works:

All realms will meet up in the Frontiers, where a mysterious force has halted realm hostilities. The race begins when the Riddle Master appears on Agramon Island and offers his quest. Your goal: use his hint list to find his minions hidden throughout the frontiers, and answer the questions they pose. The minions will reward players with tokens for correct answers, and players will race to obtain a full set of tokens.

The first 2 players from each realm who complete the task will move onto the Riddle Master's Winners Circle. These 6 finalists will enter into a fast paced race to compete for first prize of their realm, gathering the final keys to victory from points of interest on Agramon. The Riddle master has something interesting in store for the spectators as well, so stick around and watch the fun.

Throughout the race we will be giving prizes out to those that can answer trivia and additional riddles.

Prize list:

First Place Winners

Winners of each realm (3 in total) will be given a choice of the following items:

1 Ring of Riddles - This item is for one character of your choice on a live server. The Ring of Riddles contains 25 charges that will cast buffs on your character.


1 - (30 day) subscription. (To be added to the winner's account.)

Second Place Winners

Those that make it to the Riddle Winners Circle, but were unable to win first prize, will be receiving the prize that the First place winners did not choose. (So for example, if you are chosen as the 2nd prize winner for your realm and the 1st place winner chooses 30 free days, you will automatically receive the Ring of Riddles, or vice versa.)

Other Prizes

Throughout the event will we will be asking you riddles and questions. Pay close attention, because sometimes you need to have the correct answer as well as be the correct number in line to win. (For example, it's possible that you will need to be the 17th correct answer to message Joanne.)

We will be giving away:

1 - (30 day) subscription. (To be added to the winner's account.)

25 - Trifecta Award Tokens (In Stacks of 10) - These are tokens that will be given to one character of your choice on a live server. You can hand these tokens to any Trifecta Dealer and you are guaranteed a prize. (It is completely random which prize you get, good luck!)

Additional Rules:

- To participate, your level must be Level 5 or below. (Yes, level FIVE!)

- No grouping required, there will be running speed available to everyone.

For those players that do not make it to the Riddle Master's Winners Circle, there is still so much fun to be had. You will need to stick around to see what happens!

We hope to see you on Pendragon!

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