Star Wars Galaxies: Player Spotlight: Matt_NZ

| 28 Jan 2008 12:21


Forum Handle: Matt_NZ
Main Character Name: Obraik
Server: Chilastra
Player Association: Empires Hammer (EH)

Where in the real life world do you live? I live in Christchurch, New Zealand.

How long have you played Star Wars Galaxies? I have been playing for four and a half years.

What other MMOs have you played? None.

What type of work do you do? I'm a university student and part time sales representative.

How long is your typical gaming session when playing Star Wars Galaxies? Depends really... the average would probably be 3-4 hours.

What does a typical Star Wars Galaxies day consist of for you?  First thing I usually do when logging in is catching up with what my guild mates are currently up to.  There are a number of different things that I could end up doing next, depending on the day. With the new instances from Chapter 7 and 8 being rather popular, it's usually up to me to organize a group to run through them all.  If it's close to the end of the GCW week, I'll often stop by Restuss and join in on the battle with my fellow Imperials for my fix of Rebel squashing and GCW points. My evening play sessions are typically spent on my armorsmith and taking care of my ever-increasing list of orders and other such crafter business.

What was the race and profession of your very first character? Obraik was my first character and is a Zabrak.  He started life as an artisan in Moenia.

What got you into gaming and what sort of games do you like the most? Friends are what got me into gaming. My firsts were some pretty basic arcade style games such as Monster Bash, Jill of the Jungle, etc. on an old (well, by today's standards) 386. As things moved on, I developed a taste for strategy-type games such as the "Age of X" games and Black & White.

What other hobbies or activities do you take part in, other than playing Star Wars Galaxies? Technology and computers are my hobby and I like to keep up to date with the current offerings. I used to play a pretty wide range of different sports but kinda drifted away from that as I moved on to the university. I probably should get back into that again at some point...

What is your highest character level in Star Wars Galaxies?  90.

What race and profession is your main character? Obraik is my main, who's still a Zabrak and now a medic.

What do you like the most about the profession you have chosen for your main character? Overall, I like the group support role of it, and that there's never a dull moment with the multiple things a Medic needs to be doing in an intense combat situation such as a PvP battle or instance.

What faction is your main character? If you haven't guessed already, Imperial.

What is your favorite player owned ship? Probably my Oppressor.

What is your favorite ground vehicle? As of recently, my Light Bending BARC speeder.

How did you choose your main character's name? To be honest, it was randomly generated. It sounded good so I went with it. All my characters names are from the random name generator, actually.

Which current professions in Star Wars Galaxies have you NOT played? I have not played commando, spy, and structures trader.

What is your favorite expansion? I'd have to say Jump to Lightspeed. It added a whole new dimension to the game with new professions, new races and a whole new game system. It did what I felt an expansion should.

What is your favorite planet? Tough question. I'll go with Naboo for now. I like the design of the cities and it has some pretty nice views.

What is your favorite NPC? HK-47. I think he has some of the best dialogue in the game.

What are the most credits you have ever spent on purchasing a single item for one of your characters? I'm probably forgetting something, but I think it was 60 million for a large stack of resources.

Do you have an item you no longer use but keep around for nostalgic reasons? If so what is it and why do you keep it? My starting clothes. I still have them in my bank for storage as a reminder of my beginnings in the game.

What do you like best about Star Wars Galaxies? That there's no one way to play it and the freedom to do so much. 

Describe your best experience playing Star Wars Galaxies. Way back during my first beginning months, a friend who had been playing the game since beta (I started 2 weeks after launch) invited me and a friend for a group hunt on Endor. We spent a few hours running from mission to mission killing all sorts of things from squalls to Ewoks. It was my first real group experience in SWG and the 30,000 credits I had made by the end of the hunt made me feel incredibly rich.

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