Dark Age Of Camelot: Decide the Future of RvR

| 31 Jan 2008 02:58

EA Mythic is performing an analysis of the Realm vs Realm conflict that fuels the gameplay of Dark Age of Camelot. Players will have a chance to participate in this analysis by answering a new poll that may well have an impact on the future of the game's central conflict. The poll is as follows:

The Dark Age of Camelot team is currently going through a detailed analysis of New Frontiers. Please select the option that best describes your feeling about the New Frontiers territory:

  • I do not wish to answer this poll.
  • New Frontiers is just fine.
  • Keep New Frontiers, but reduce the size of the region.
  • Keep New Frontiers, but cluster it across all servers.
  • Get rid of New Frontiers. I want a new area, smaller than New Frontiers but larger than a battleground.
  • I don't care what the territory is; just give me more things to do while I'm there.
  • I have no preferences with regard to the RvR territory.
  • I do not see my option on this list.

All current Dark Age players can hop in-game to answer this poll.

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