Pirates Of The Burning Sea: PotBS Interview: Bruce Sharp & Tom Tobey

| 2 Feb 2008 17:47

PotBS Vault is featuring an interview with Pirates of the Burning Sea developers Bruce Sharp and Tom Tobey. The interview centers around art and animation in the game. Here's a sneak peek:

Q: What else is in store for art?

Bruce: I guess immediately, the guys are working on Point-a-Pitre the French capital. I don't think will be quite as big as Tortuga. Tortuga was pretty much a challenge we gave ourselves, like how big can we make it given the deadline? And we're kinda looking at the town now and saying "Maybe it's a little too big" so we're scaling down the others a little bit. But the same idea, we want to introduce a little more exploration to the game.

Tom: You know how there's a monkey in Jenny Bay that throws tomatoes at a prisoner? We're working on something for Point-a-Pitre where a monkey throws tomatoes at a group of mimes. It's also going to have this really cool hedge maze. The town has a really different flavor than anything in the game so far.

Bruce: Right now there are 80-something ports in the game but some of them are clones of other ports. So there is an ongoing plan to make all these ports unique and we'll just keep going at it until we get them all.

Tom: We also want some dev time in order to make our animations smoother and less clunky but those guys upstairs have just been so crushed for time that we're somewhere on that list but not very high up.

Be sure to read the rest. Take the link above.

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