Jumpgate Evolution: Dev Log: Why Jumpgate Evolution?

| 2 Feb 2008 21:44

In their latest Developer Log, NetDevil's president Scott "Scorch" Brown talked about Jumpgate's journey from a personal obsession to an advanced and highly polished reincarnation, appropriately titled "Evolution":

A Developer Log from Scott "Scorch" Brown


When we started Netdevil 10 years ago to create Jumpgate Classic, we were just a handful of people. Most of us were still working fulltime jobs, but every free minute we had was spent developing the game. For us it was the game that we always wanted to play. At the time the most popular space games were Elite and Wing Commander and those games were our inspiration.

Jumpgate Classic was a true labor of love and because of it we have some great stories to tell. It really shaped us as developers and we gained a lot of experience from it. We often joke that the game was finished on passion alone. Well, passion and a lot of Pizza...


Knowing what we know today and being in possession of much better resources then we were 10 years ago, we felt very confident that we could make a much better game that was based in the Jumpgate universe. A game that would be really special. Thus, the decision was made and Jumpgate Evolution was born.

While Auto Assault didn't perform to everyone's expectations, it did teach us a lot about what it takes to make better games. We realized that if we wanted to make a successful game, it needed to be done on our own terms and without the pressure of development milestones. So, we went to work.


Developing Jumpgate Evolution is a great opportunity. Because we funded the development ourselves, we needed to make sure that - given the limited resources - we had the best possible people working on it.

Initial meetings were very exciting. The old passion was back. We realized that sometimes different is not necessarily what's best, but we also knew that we could make a great space game using a different set of mechanics. We thought of all the best space games, movies, TV shows and were inspired by the most incredible moments of those properties. Then we came up with new ways to confer that level of suspense and excitement into our game. I think that in the end these initial ideas will pay off. Our highest priority is that people have fun playing Jumpgate Evolution. And initial reactions from the public are indeed great.


The fact is that finally, with our own funding, we are able to make the right decisions about changes that need to be made to make this game great. With an entirely new graphical update, some great fiction from D&D Eberron writer Keith Baker and a lot of enthusiasm from the team, Evolution is going to succeed.

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