Dark Age Of Camelot: DAoC Grab Bag

| 5 Feb 2008 01:04

The Camelot Herald has been updated for 2008 with Joanne's first grab bag. Packed with random information and tips, there are also several announcements:

The very first Camelot Road Trip of the year is almost here. We'll have food, prizes and we'll toss in a couple of Devs and a Community Weenie as well to test your knowledge. Come out and join us in Jacksonville, Florida on March 1st. Be sure to RSVP so we can order enough snacks for everyone.

The next time that you find yourself saying "Grats!" to a friend or Guildie on their accomplishments, whether it is getting to Level 50, a new Realm Rank or a spiffy new title, take a moment and send it to the Scroll of Valor. You'll be glad you did - so will your friends!

The Caerleon and Devon clustering is almost here. They are scheduled to be clustered on Wednesday, February 6th. As always please keep an eye on the Herald for any additional news and updates.

Check it out at the link above.

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