Guild Wars: Guild Cast Podcast #93

| 7 Feb 2008 01:57

Guild Cast #93 is available. It tackles the build issue with lots of advice and codes for the various "popular" builds:

In this episode, I cheat a bit and combine all current class trends into one show. This includes a large segment on the Rit submitted by Chiyo and some other listener-submitted segments as well.

Be sure to check out the new Contest going on right now!

For each class, I discuss certain builds that are most effective in certain situations (mostly PvP), Please refer to the following build template codes for access to the builds discussed in this show:


1. Trampling Ox Conditionway - OwFj0xezIT0ZjPAQ9PXhGfIM3OA
2. "You're All Alone" Variant - OwFi0xjMRYN+8w0/cFa8hwIAAA
3. Grenth's Grasp Assassin - Owpk0teyIraU3zVoCD/TCECG3mAA
4. AoD Shock Sin - OwZkgId6HOyzAr7lwOHKMEmLrBC
5. Shattering Assault Sin - OwBj0te2IPlZ/nYOBe7Oz6PBA
6. Critical Scythe - OwpjMqp8KSLixZBYQXsXnZDQCAA
7. Hero attles SP Sin - OwFj0xe24S0Z3OjPAQ9PXhGfIMA


1. Avatar of Melandru RA Derv - OgGikys8IfDwD4gSz9nIuFAA
2. AoM GvG Variant - OgGikys8IfDwN3BcQRcfgFAA
3. Teleport Spiker - Ogej4NpMLPTwBcAu5i72RyXBAA


1. Blinding Surge - OgBSgYGPXVvR5QUAAQGhDBA / B Surge Warder - OgNUg4kywnMZ1byVFZIKgFhDBA
2. Mind Blast Ele - OgpkgcKMDuijf+XwN6FiC2LuosC
3. Invocation Ele - OgpjowM6KO+5ehuAAweLr4CBA


1. Conundrum Spiker - OQdUAQBPSfNBVVwGwNXEAAZABA
2. Migraine Mesmer - OQNUAswO4mM1gPwWzBI6yAjO0I
3. Glyph of Energy - OQZUASBPQUFHrIeQUZoDzQAA
4. Deadly Shutdown - OQdTAGB75xNTBlYdAIWI7NLAAA
5. Hex Eater Mesmer - OQhkAgC8gGKDR1DgByAYwiQR9iB


1. Zealous Healer - OwcT8YI/n5SPTEIrEt4mumIwA
2. Word of Healing GvG Monk - OwYT04nCxRjQSmJb66RNJggMA
3. HA RC Monk - OwUTMsHDXiiQLam4uSg4BsmwEAA


1. Spiteful Hexer - OAZSY4DL5hQfGHyYAAIjAA
2. Toxic Chill Spiker - OAdTUYD61xNnF2z8s38OqqKAA
3. Tainted Warder - OAZTUUDm4IOfRNeBZwKWCA


1. Song of Resto Paragon - OQGlUhlq5cmo5EkfwWYuy6mD7ul3A
2. Defensive Anthem Para - OQGkUhlpJiuzDOIPhtwclPs7WeD


1. Burning Arrow Ranger - OgMU8mLjzcO62HjqZ2kX/1+GBA
2. Broad Head Arrow Ranger - OgMU8mLjzcOuyHjqZ2kX/1+GBA
3. Bunny Thumper Ranger - OgETMZrexBAsUALzycNtZzIAA


1. Rit Runner - OAqjEuiMpNYbvJGLjJNjnDzDM
2. Hero Battle Rit - OASkcggaITKDFbyJNVnTsvpUNRA


1. Dev Hammer Warrior - OQgSE5JPjFwyZhpYY/J81kL
2. Shock Axe - OQYTgmIL5QqQlqnjpa9nCA
3. Harrier's Axe - OQojEhSsqSSFQFSiMFaFob1XCAA
4. Rending Touch Axe - OQoSEZJPSFoCVhp4f1K/EBA
5. Dragon Slash Warrior - OQASEZKL+FgN1LOTpV/kAA
6. Backbreaker - OQASE5JPmFwyXhp8T4rGWBA
7. Death's Charge Hammer Spiker - OQcUExJX1vImFY9Va1Ph7BgAA

Plus, here's the RA soloer video I mentioned. It can be easily defeated by the Deadly Shutdown Mesmer build given above.

And if you're still reading this far down, the theme song for this episode is "Build It Back" by Go Pound Salt.

As always, this is a quality product worth downloading and keeping a notepad handy when listening.

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