Age of Conan: Erling Ellingsen Interview

| 8 Feb 2008 01:11 has an interview with Erling Ellingsen, Funcom's Product Manager. The interview travels the landscape from incorporating Robert E. Howard's material into the game, to the importance of graphics within the game and on to the single player aspect of AoC. Here's a teaser:

While generally described as an MMO, we also hear talk of a singleplayer mode. How does this side of the game link-in with the broader picture?

We realized that you just can't give a player that feeling of being in the center of the story in a massive online game, but still we wanted to give players that feeling when they first set off in Age of Conan. What we've ended up with is a part single player, part multiplayer mode that's present during the game's first twenty levels. On Tortage Island, where you start, you can change between night and day by simply sleeping at the local inn, and while daytime is a pure multiplayer thing, nighttime is all about you and your story as you will be playing in your own instance of the island. Here we are able to give you a world-changing experience similar to that you will find in a typical single player role-playing game.

It's not a terribly long interview but it's fun because of its scope.

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