Pirates Of The Burning Sea: PotBS Q&A #2

| 12 Feb 2008 02:18

RPG Vault is featuring a second Q&A session with the developers of Pirates of the Burning Sea. Focusing on the development of naval combat, here's a peek at some of what they said:

Jonric: What are some aspects of the naval element in Pirates of the Burning Sea that you find especially interesting, fun, challenging, memorable or otherwise noteworthy?

Bruce Sharp
Art Director

I've noticed that most people play ship combat with the camera pulled way back and high up, like looking down on a chessboard. When I play (and Rusty too [Executive Producer Russell Williams - Ed.]), I like to move the camera in so that I'm on deck. The battle comes alive for me that way; I'm constantly swinging my "head" around to see where the most opportune target is. I can see the crew covering their ears as the cannons fire and hear the rumble from them as the crew moves them back into place from the recoil.

From that level, ship combat becomes incredibly fast-paced and hectic. It's thrilling! I understand that there's a tactical reason for pulling your camera far up, and occasionally, I will take it up to the bird's eye view to get my bearings, but then, it's right back down into the combat for me. If I had my way, I'd constrain the camera to the decks for everyone, never giving anyone the high-up view. If you haven't yet tried it yet, give it a whirl.

There is a ton more for your reading pleasure so check it out.

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