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| 13 Feb 2008 19:49

NetDevil's team is mobilizing all its space ships and fighters for the upcoming release of Jumpgate Evolution later this year, and they've been giving interviews left and right!

Here are snippets from todays interviews:

* Play.tm Interview with Hermann Peterscheck:

Visually, how rich is the world you're crafting, and how expansive is it?

Peterscheck:I believe that it's very rich and expansive. So, in context of Jumpgate you want to make sure there are enough things to do to keep the player going, but that there is enough distance to give a sense of size. The only way I know how to do this is to play the game and when you find yourself thinking "Jeez! Getting here takes FOREVER" it might be time to make an adjustment. At the same time, if you don't give players a break and let them just kind of sit back and enjoy the world, it can become hectic. So what we want is to create enough variety between the areas that people want to keep exploring but not so much that they can't enjoy it. There's no magic formula... it's all design and test, design and test.

* MMO-Gamer interview with Steve Hartmeyer:

Hartmeyer: Epic battles between capital ships have always been the high point of a fun movie or TV episode. We're building technology into Jumpgate Evolution and its AI system to handle large-ship combat, not just dogfights, so that our players can have the experience of flying among dreadnoughts in a major engagement. It's very important to us to support multiple combat roles, so that players can take part in any aspect of a major battle scenario, for both PvE and PvP fights. Some players might man strike craft on attack runs, others will pilot fighter escorts, and still others may perform recon duties or fly high guard over their side's own base or cruiser, protecting it long enough for it to bring its big guns to bear on some enemy target. AI turrets and destructible capital ship components, as well as new missile systems, heavy ship-to-ship and point-defense weapons, and an effective and customizable combat HUD are just a few of the many exciting features being created to support this gameplay.

* MMORPG.com Dev Journal with Steve Hartmeyer:

Hartmeyer: The issue of PvP features in Jumpgate Evolution has the appearance of being extremely controversial, making the subject sensitive for the development team to address. Jumpgate Evolution is in many ways derived from Jumpgate Classic, and the original game's community has become extremely agitated over the potential changes coming in the new product. Even before Jumpgate Evolution appeared on the horizon, PvP was a divisive issue for the Jumpgate Classic community. Jumpgate Classic was designed from the start as a PvP game. Its simplistic PvE gameplay was a late-beta addition, nearly an afterthought. For some players, however, the available PvE became a major draw and main point of the game. For many others, PvP combat was simply never interesting or important because other activities and styles of play were more enjoyable.

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